Apocalypse Political Party


The one party seriously advocating for the End.

The Party Creed

We believe the modern state is oppressive and self serving
that it makes dependents and victims of all within it, whether ruling or ruled
We believe humans are naturally free and have an equal right to exercise freedom that communities and societies must be based on the consent of individuals
Any communal action without the consent of the individual is oppression
Moral panics, ambiguous statutes and bureaucratic self-interest have annihilated, not infringed upon, human freedom creating a totalitarian oligarchy
For our freedom to be saved, we must stop propping up incompetence, the modern state must end
Through sacrifice and courage, freedom shall return in fulfillment of our destiny
our sacrifices shall create a society honoring freedom and based on consent
We believe we must be prepared to survive the Collapse,
as a people with skills to work for ourselves and skills to survive independently,
not cogs in a machine but a autonomous market participants
We believe reforming the modern state is foolish, cowardly and counterproductive
We confess one Collapse for freedom from all oppression
We look for the end of the state and life in the world to come.


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